Indoor air quality problems can have long term effects on your health. The air we breath in our homes and/or offices can cause health and wellness issues and can negatively effect our overall enjoyment of life. Acuity Inspection Services provides a client based comprehensive approach to Indoor Air Quality matters. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is a very broad topic and in-experience can result in a flawed survey resulting in wasted time and resources. Acuity employs trained individuals with an understanding of the Indoor Environment, thus maximizing the inspection process targeting areas of concern and answering the questions for all interested parties.


Do you notice a mouldy odor in your home? There is a good chance you could have hidden mould somwhere. Another indication that you could have mould is if you are experiencing allergic symptoms such as sneezing, sore eyes, a runny nose and hair loss.


Mould testing can determine if you have a mould problem in your home.  There are three main methods for testing mould: air, surface, and bulk testing.  Each type of testing has its own strengths and weaknesses.  


Air sampling/testing for mould

  • Air testing checks the concentration of mould spores in your indoor air.  A specialized air sampling pump is used to collect outdoor and indoor air samples which are later examined at a lab under a microscope. The main benefit of air sampling is that air testing can tell you if there is a hidden mould problem in the home.  A drawback however, is the amount of mould spores in the air can vary greatly in a short period of time, giving varying results at different times.


Surface sampling/testing for mould 

  • Surface testing involves collecting samples from home by swabbing, tape lifting, or other methods to determine the amount and type of mould by labratory analysis. Results can vary as mould growth and spores aren't usually spread uniformly across surfaces and can vary over time.  Unlike air testing, surface tests will not identify the concentration of mould spores in the home's air.  


Bulk sampling/testing for mould

  • Bulk testing involves collecting pieces of material from the home containing possible mould growth.  The samples are then examined at a lab under a microscope.  Bulk testing results can tell you if there is a mould issue and also give you an idea of the concentration of mould particles in your home.



Sampling for Moulds

Contact us to book mould sampling/testing performed either as a stand alone service or in conjunction with a Home Inpsection (add-on service). 


Odors whether from cooking, pets, moisture issues or just age of the home can all be dealt with.

First we will investigate so we know the source(s) and then determine the best action plan:

O3 fragrance free odor neutralizer degrades odors on almost all surfaces and when highly concentrated removes virtually any odor.

Ozone shock treatment is one of the fastest and safest ways to remove odors from a home, car or business.  The process can be focussed on one area or an entire home.  During this service which lasts anywhere from 30 min to 12 hours, O3 is introduced to every unsealed surface and eradicates all odors and at the same time kills all surface mold and bacteria.


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