Certified Asbestos Testing

No one wants to find out there is asbestos in their home however in homes prior to 1986 it is important to have a thorough inspection done especially if you are thinking about renovations which could disturb any asbestos.

Asbestos when present in the home can be found in drywall tape and compound, vinyl tiles and lino, glues used with wallpaper and tile, insulation, caulking, stippled ceilings and thermal wrap around ductwork/heating/water lines.


What does this mean and how can you have it tested.

Acuity Inspection Services is certified by the Government to test, produce certified lab results, monitor & re-test if remediation was necessary.

Testing of each possible area of concern is done safely and can have turnarounds with the lab results as quick as 24 hours if required.

Here is a link that will help answer questions and concerns about asbestos


The following is the guidelines and training we required to receive the Asbestos Worker Certification