Thermal Imaging & Home Energy Assessments

Thermal Imaging is an inexpensive and nonintrusive service that will provide a means to understand where your home is loosing energy.

The key to our service is training, experience and the tools we use.


Typical areas where issues could be found:

  • Insulation

  • Apertures

  • Lack of or Old Caulking

  • Windows, Doors, Sweeps, Weather Stripping

  • Ventilation

  • HVAC and Duct leaks

  • Lighting

  • Electrical Issues

  • Moisture penetration

  • Appliances

Our reports include a complete list of each item along with a "how to" means for repair and/or outsourcing.

The images to the left show a variety of issues.

HVAC ducts leaking, multiple issues with a door (caulking, weather stripping and sweep), Electrical panel breaker overload along with wires overheating.